Tattoo removal in Blackpool.

Tattoo removal services at Mania Tattoo in Blackpool since 2009. 01253 404234

  • Tattoo removal

  • Tattoo fading

  • Tattoo cover ups

  • Laser tattoo removal

  • Test patches

Tattoo removal prices

Tattoo removal prices vary depending on how much time they will take to complete. We offer tattoo removal test patch costs £5. Our tattoo removal price is £20 minimum per session.

We offer the lowest prices in the North West for tattoo removal and we are the most established tattoo removal studio across the FYLDE. Our laser tattoo removal clinic has been established since 2009.

The tattoo removal process

Laser tattoo removal is done in stages. Each tattoo removal session is followed by a 6 week healing period before another session can take place. The 6 week period allows for maximum pigment reduction results.

Laser session

The number of laser sessions required for tattoo removal varies from person to person. Generally speaking, the healthier you are the better the results. However if your tattoo is already faded then it could be removed in fewer sessions.

Tattoo removal results

Laser tattoo removal results vary depending on each person. While some people can have perfect results (total tattoo removal) some people may be left with white marks in the shape of the tattoo that has been removed or certian pigments may remain in the skin. Scarring can occur if the customer damages the treated area during healing (eg picking, scratching, bad hygiene).

We must take the following into consideration before we can make an estimate on the final results:

  • Skin trauma casued by the tattooist

  • How many times has the skin been tattooed

  • Pigments used by the tattooist

  • How healthy is the customer

  • Hair colour, skin colour, eye colour

  • Immune system

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